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The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) in Sweden has selected psoriasis healthcare as a priority issue to investigate.

The work is done in relation to a government mandate on better healthcare for chronic diseases. In a preliminary study, the National Board of Health and Welfare will examine the needs and actions required to improve healthcare for people with psoriasis. Depending on the problems identified, a decision will be taken on whether it is appropriate to develop national guidelines or other forms of knowledge support to healthcare providers.

The Swedish Psoriasis Organization (Psoriasisförbundet) welcomes the initiative and is pleased to witness this evolution after several meetings with the Board during the last decade. Last year’s WHO Resolution on Psoriasis, as well as two lectures held by the Swedish Psoriasis Organization and Sweden’s largest medical magazines, has focused attention on psoriasis healthcare in Sweden. The upcoming IFPA World Conference in Stockholm will hopefully be another step forward in raising psoriasis on the national agenda.

You can read the full news item here.

Photo: Ankara at WikiMedia

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