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SAVE THE DATE: On May 24, IFPA is organizing a side event on psoriasis at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

More than three years ago, the WHO officially acknowledged psoriasis as a serious non-communicable disease (NCD), through a Resolution and a Global Report on psoriasis. Since then, the international community has taken significant steps to address NCDs in general – including through the WHO Global NCD Action Plan.

But psoriasis is still remarkably absent in the global NCD agenda.
We want to change this!

That’s why we’re holding the side event “Psoriasis in the NCD Agenda – The Road to 2018” during the upcoming World Health Assembly. At the event, we’ll reveal why psoriasis should be a top priority in the global NCD agenda – and how our Global Psoriasis Coalition works to make this a reality.

IFPA, together with the Permanent Missions of the Argentine Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Qatar and the Phillippines, warmly welcomes you to Geneva on May 24th!

To register for the side event, please kindly email info@ifpa-pso.com 

To register for the side event, please kindly email info@ifpa-pso.com