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Global leader in fighting psoriatic disease

Founded in 1971, IFPA is an international federation of psoriatic disease associations. We are the psoriatic disease community. Our members represent over 60 million people living with psoriatic disease. Together, we advocate for progress.


A future where all people living with psoriatic disease enjoy good health and wellbeing, free from stigma and preventable disability and comorbidities


Unite, strengthen and lead the global psoriatic disease community to improve the lives of all people affected by psoriatic disease.


national member organizations


regional organizations

Representing over

60 million

people living with psoriatic disease worldwide

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  1. Ensure global representation: Boost the voices of everyone living with psoriatic disease, everywhere.
  2. Lead global advocacy: Fight for the interests of people affected by psoriatic disease. Demand representation on global health and development agendas.
  3. Strengthen member capacity: Strengthen IFPA members. Raise national support for people living with psoriatic disease.
  4. Share knowledge: Close the gap between knowledge and action. Trigger breakthroughs for people living with psoriatic disease.
  5. Unite stakeholders: Build alliances. Transform global, regional, and national collaboration.


  • Person-centered: Ensure that people living with psoriatic disease are at the heart of everything IFPA does.
  • Collaborative: Work together and openly with members and partners.
  • Accountable: Be responsible for all actions
  • Bold: Have the confidence and courage to lead the global psoriatic disease community.


  • Hoseah Waweru Website Photo

    Hoseah Waweru, M.D.


    Chairman, Psoriasis Association of Kenya
    Nairobi, Kenya

    Hoseah Waweru, M.D. has been practicing as a dermatologist for almost four decades and is both founder and long-serving Chairman of the Kenya Association of Dermatologists. Because of a family history of psoriasis, Hoseah decided to specialize in psoriasis care and became the founding President of the Psoriasis Association of Kenya. Throughout the years, he has delivered many lectures on psoriasis across the world. In 2018, Hoseah was Chairman of the Complementary Program at the 6th World Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Conference in Stockholm.

  • Ingvar Ingvarsson Website Photo

    Ingvar Ágúst Ingvarsson

    Vice President

    Member of Spoex / The Icelandic Psoriasis and Eczema Foundation
    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Ingvar was diagnosed with psoriasis when he was 23 and has had both ups and downs with the disease since then. During difficult times, he could depend on the valuable support of Spoex volunteers. When his psoriasis had improved and he was invited to join Spoex’ Board a few years later, Ingvar thus gladly accepted the invitation. Between 2014 and 2018, Ingvar was the organization’s Chairman. Being able to give something back to society and helping others is something he sees as a privilege. Professionally, Ingvar works as an IT technical solutions specialist.

  • Leticia Lopez Website Photo

    Leticia Lopez


    Executive Director, APAPP / Psoriasis Association of Puerto Rico
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Leticia was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 12 and developed psoriatic arthritis when she was 18. She has a Doctorate degree in Education (specializing in Guidance and Counseling), with her dissertation focusing on life histories of psoriasis patients. Leticia’s research’ main conclusion pointed out the need for a psoriasis patient support group in Puerto Rico. As a result, APAPP (Asociación Puertorriqueña de Ayuda al Paciente de Psoriasis) was started a year later. Currently, Leticia works as a school counselor in Academia Maria Reina in San Juan (Puerto Rico) and serves as LATINAPSO’s Secretary.

  • Josef de Guzman Website Photo

    Josef de Guzman


    President, PsorPhil / Psoriasis Association of Philippines
    Manila, Philippines

    Josef de Guzman’s career at a large multinational in the Philippines was cut short by his psoriasis outbreak in 1996. His experience as a psoriasis patient then led him on a successful health advocacy path, focusing on epilepsy, cervical cancer, hemophilia and schizophrenia, amongst others. In 2005, Josef formed PsorPhil as an online support group for Filipinos. The group turned into the leading psoriasis organization in the Philippines, with over twenty chapters. Josef also founded PsorAsiaPacific, IFPA’s regional member in Asia. Josef has also mentored other countries in starting up patient organizations and given lectures on the patient perspective at medical congresses in Asia, the EU and the Middle East.

  • Kathleen Gallant Website Photo

    Kathleen L. Gallant

    Board Member

    Ex-Officio, National Psoriasis Foundation/USA
    Pittsburgh, USA

    Kathleen chairs the IFPA Task Force on Noncommunicable Diseases (NCDs), working on global psoriasis advocacy with the World Health Organization and United Nations agencies. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and serves as ex-officio to the United States’ National Psoriasis Foundation Board of Directors. Kathleen holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration / Nonprofit Management from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

  • Silvia Fernandez Barrio Website Photo

    Silvia Fernandez Barrio

    Board Member

    President, AEPSO / Psoriasis Association of Argentina
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Professionally, Silvia worked as a radio and TV journalist in Argentina from 1979 until 2000. At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with psoriasis. When a major psoriasis flare-up in 2004 left her unable to afford her new medication, Silvia took the initiative to found AEPSO – the first and only psoriasis patient organization in Argentina. Since its creation, AEPSO has helped over 14 000 people across the country. Besides her role as President in AEPSO, Silvia is also the President and founder of IFPA’s regional member, LATINAPSO / the Latin-American Network of Psoriasis.

  • David Website Photo

    David Trigos Herraez

    Board Member

    Vice President, EUROPSO / European Federation of Psoriasis Associations
    Oviedo, Spain

    David is a long time patient advocate with many interests including sports, live music, and musical theater. David has higher degrees in Electronics as well as Human Resources and Quality. He led a career as a Quality Consultant until 2016 when he was assigned professional incapacity to work because of his psoriatic arthritis. Now David is tackling new challenges, managing the Spanish platform of the European Academy of Patients for Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI), studying Law at university, serving as Vice President of EUROPSO, and concurrently serving on IFPA’s Board. He has special skills in research and development of medicines and regulators.


  • Frida Dunger Johnsson 2434 1776 web

    Frida Dunger Johnsson

    Executive Director

    Frida is responsible for managing IFPA operations, facilitating strategic development, and building global partnerships. Frida is committed to building a more just and sustainable world. She has extensive experience working with non-profits, including Emmaus Stockholm, ActionAid, and Forum Civ. Frida holds a Master in International Development Studies and Cultural Encounters.

  • Ida Mourujarvi 2334 1721 web

    Ida Mourujärvi

    Manager Administration and Events

    Ida is responsible for operational administration and event planning at the IFPA Secretariat. She has 20 years work experience in financials, administration and project leading, in both private care sector and non-profit organizations.

  • Elisa Martini 2434 1610 web

    Elisa Martini

    Program Officer - Policy and Advocacy

    Elisa is responsible for development and implementation of IFPA´s advocacy and policy strategies at a global level. She has a Master´s degree in pharmaceutical sciences and a Ph.D. with a focus on psoriasis. She has previous advocacy experience as a volunteer in a local level, health sector NGO.

  • Camille Lancelot 2434 1549close web

    Camille Lancelot

    Communications Manager

    Camille oversees IFPA's communications strategy and manages IFPA's website, social media, graphic design, public outreach, and newsletters. Camille has a background in development work and teaching as well as a Master in Cultural Projects for Development. She has lived and worked in the USA, Senegal, Benin, France, and Sweden.

  • Sicily Mburu 2434 1729 web

    Sicily Mburu

    Scientific Officer

    Sicily provides scientific and medical information related to IFPA’s mission to IFPA’s member organizations, to policy makers, and to the public. She is a trained physician with higher degrees in global health, healthcare management, economics, and policy. Sicily was previously a public health consultant to the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

  • Alicia Titialii 2434 1673 web close

    Alice Titialii

    Program Officer - Capacity Development

    Alice strengthens skills within IFPA and its members, while also facilitating the establishment of new psoriatic disease associations worldwide. Alice has higher degrees in Biomedicine and Global Health. She has previous experience working in the non-profit sector, strengthening health systems for low- and middle-income countries.

  • Janina Kostiukaite 2434 1579 web

    Janina Kostiukaite

    Project Developer

    Janina develops internal structures and policies, facilitating IFPA’s long-term development. She also oversees the annual World Psoriasis Day campaign. Janina is a Master of Global Health, with special training in Medical Peace Work and eHealth. She has interned at the WHO and organized international youth projects in Turkey and Macedonia.

  • Maxine pic

    Maxine Lancelot

    Scientific Coordinator

    Maxine Lancelot is an epidemiologist and MD candidate. Combined with her years working with IFPA, Maxine has a uniquely intimate understanding of scientific, clinical, and patient priorities when it comes to psoriatic disease. Maxine earned her Master of Public Health in 2017 researching lifestyle and nutritional impact on inflammatory disease.

Photographer: Therése Särnbäck

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