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The core of IFPA’s work are its member associations. To empower our members, we provide a range of Member Support initiatives. Below, you can learn more about three of these: the IFPA member meetings, our webinars and the Solidarity Fund.

If you are interested in enjoying our Member Support, you can read more about IFPA membership here.

Member meetings

At IFPA, we place great value on getting to know you better as a member. We enjoy meeting national staff and volunteers, because their hard work and dedication is what makes your association unique. We also love to hear more about the challenges you face. That way, we know exactly how to help you.

This is why we organize frequent member meetings. After all, nothing beats that personal contact – from discussing advocacy strategies in workshops, to listening to each other’s psoriasis stories or simply enjoying a good meal together. All our members receive an invitation to these member meetings. As far as possible, we financially sponsor 1 representative per IFPA member association to attend.

There are two kinds of member meetings:

  • The formal General Assembly, which is held every third year and allows you to vote on important IFPA-decisions;
  • The Informal Member Meeting, which is held every year and offers workshops, seminars and a World Psoriasis Day Supporters Training.

Member meetings usually take place in Europe. Past meetings have been in Stockholm (2012, 2015), Madrid (2013), Frankfurt (2014) and Lisbon (2016). The 2017 Informal Member Meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium.



Working with psoriasis advocacy, awareness-raising and education can be challenging. It requires a broad range of skills: from fundraising to strategic thinking, lobbying to social media communication. We want to help you acquire and develop such skills.

That’s why we regularly host online webinars for our members. At a set time and date, you access our online meeting room, where an IFPA staff member or expert holds a virtual training and is available to answer your questions.

Past webinars have focused on introducing new members to IFPA, presenting the upcoming World Psoriasis Day theme and toolkit, discussing topics for the next IFPA World Conference and practically implementing the IFPA advocacy toolkit.

Information on upcoming webinars will be sent out directly to all members.

IFPA’s Solidarity Fund

Across the world, our member associations actively work to put psoriasis on the national agenda. Through events and campaigns, they raise awareness of the disease amongst policy-makers, society and other stakeholders.

In many countries, however, IFPA members operate under challenging economic circumstances. They have limited budgets, with a staff of dedicated but unpaid volunteers. Finding financial support if often a constant struggle.

To address this problem, we offer the IFPA Solidarity Fund. Members can apply for a Solidarity Fund grant to finance their psoriasis advocacy, education and awareness-raising work.

Who can apply for a Solidarity Fund grant?

All IFPA member associations are welcome to apply for a grant.
Preference will be given to members with limited financial resources and/or who face challenges in the country where they are based.

How much funding is available?

The amount of funding will vary from year to year. This is because the Solidarity Fund is dependent on voluntary contributions by IFPA supporters and some financially secure member associations.

For the 2016 application call (which is now closed), several small-scale grants of up to 1500 EUR were available.

Can I use the grant for anything I want?

No. Grants are only awarded to finance small-scale, local activities/events/campaigns/projects to raise awareness of psoriasis and advocate for patient rights.

Grants will not be awarded for operational expenses (office rent, staff salaries, IT costs), travel costs or medical expenses.

When is the application period?

A first application call was announced in December 2016. The deadline for this application call has now passed.

When new funding becomes available, the IFPA Board will announce another application call. More information will be sent out directly to our members.

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