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IFPA is made up of its members, the General Assembly and four organizational bodies. These are the Scientific Advisory Board, the Board, the Secretariat and three Committees. This structure is set out in IFPA’s Constitution.

IFPA’s national members are national psoriasis patient associations. They unite individuals with psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. Our national members are represented by our four regional members: Latinapso (in Latin America), Europso (in Europe), PsorAsiaPacific (in Asia and the Pacific) and PsorAfrica (currently under construction in Africa). You can find our members’ contact details here.

The General Assembly is IFPA’s main decision-making body. Each IFPA member country has one vote in it. Officially the General Assembly meets every three years, but unofficial meetings can happen more often. You can read more about our member meetings here.

The Board leads IFPA’s strategical work, based on decisions by the General Assembly. It also deals with membership applications, makes recommendations to the General Assembly and informs IFPA members about news and activities. There are five ordinary Board members and two substitute members. You can meet the Board here.

The Secretariat is responsible for the day-to-day functioning of IFPA. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Secretariat works with psoriasis advocacy, external relations, member coordination, event management and communication. You can meet the Secretariat staff here or contact them directly.

The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 7 medical advisors working in the field of Dermatology (for psoriasis) and rheumatology (for psoriatic arthritis). They provide IFPA with medical viewpoints and interpretations of the latest scientific research on psoriasis.

Finally, IFPA has several Committees: the World Psoriasis Day Steering Committee, the Committee on Regional and National Development and the Task Force on NCDs Committee. Led by various members of the IFPA Board, these Committees are broadly responsible for specific IFPA activities.

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