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Vacant position 

Executive Director

The post of Executive Director is currently not filled and the job advert for this position can be found in the News section in late November 2017. The overall responsibility of the job-holder is the succesfull management of the Secretariat and running the operation of IFPA on daily basis.




Vasilka Lalevska

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Vasilka works with IFPA’s global psoriasis advocacy – both through coordinating with our members and by engaging with international actors such as the WHO. She has extensive experience of non-profit work at the national, European and global level. Key policy issues Vasilka has worked with include alcohol and narcotic drugs, children and health. Before joining the Secretariat, she worked at GIZ in Skopje and at Active – Sobriety, Friendship and Peace in Stockholm. Vasilka comes from Macedonia and has a BA in Economics and a MSc in Project Management.

E-mail: vasilka.lalevska@ifpa-pso.com
Tel: +46 704 337 308

 Linnéa Lindström

Manager Administration and Events

Linnéa is in charge of IFPA’s member relations, project administration and event management. This includes supporting our members, developing IFPA’s member base and arranging both our internal and external meetings. Linnéa has several years of experience of the service sector, including the travel/conference industry and retail business. Her key interest areas are international development, human rights, global health and international politics. Linnéa has a BA in Development and International Cooperation.

Tel: +46 739 402 252


Aydin Mammadov

Communications Manager

Aydin is responsible for all aspects of IFPA’s strategic and operational communication. He has extensive experience in multistakeholder communication and coordination, public relations management, digital marketing, and content management. His postgraduate studies covered a wide range of subjects, such as European and Global Politics, Eurasian Studies and Digital Marketing. His key interest areas include human rights, arts and culture, international politics, and digital.  You may contact Aydin for any questions about our website, social media, public relations, press advisories, articles and newsletters.

E-mail: aydin.mammadov@ifpa-pso.com 
Tel: +46 707 495 820