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Patrik Vuorio

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Patrik, has overall responsibility as assigned by the Board regarding management, planning and development of IFPA operations and capacity, while facilitating strategic development. Patrik's background with NGOs and in the non-profit sector goes back over decades, having previously led and developed major networks and organizations in Sweden and internationally, including on EU level. Patrik finds inspiration in the important work of civil society organizations working for community well-being at scale.

E-mail: patrik.vuorio@ifpa-pso.com
Tel: +46 707 495 820

Maxine Lancelot

Scientific Officer

Maxine provides scientific and medical information related to IFPA’s mission to IFPA’s member organizations, to policy makers, and to the public. She has experience as a health educator, medical scribe, and health journalist. Maxine has higher degrees in epidemiology, international relations, and global health, and her studies have included diverse science courses from medicine-related disciplines.

E-mail: maxine.lancelot@ifpa-pso.com
Tel: +46 736 997 005
Elisa Martini

Program Officer - Policy and Advocacy

Elisa is responsible for development and implementation of IFPA´s advocacy and policy strategies at a global level, as directed by the Board and Executive Director. She has a Master´s degree in pharmaceutical sciences and has obtained a Ph.D. degree with a project on psoriasis. She has previous advocacy experience as a volunteer in an NGO in the health sector at a local level.

E-mail: elisa.martini@ifpa-pso.com

Tel: +46 704 337 308
Alice Titialii

Program Officer - Capacity Development

Alice facilitates capacity development within IFPA, through projects strengthening connections between the global, regional and national levels within IFPA and its membership structure, as well as within IFPA’s external network. Alice also works with IFPA’s internal development processes.
Alice has higher degrees in Biomedicine and Global Health. She has previous experience working in the NGO and non-profit sector, mainly in the field of health system strengthening for low- and middle-income countries.

E-mail: alice.titialii@ifpa-pso.com
Tel: +46 739 402 252
Camille Lancelot

Communications Manager

Camille brings an international focus to her position as Communications Manager, where her responsibilities include management of strategic and operational communications, website, social media, graphic design, public relations, articles, and newsletters. Camille has a background in development work and teaching, as well as a Master in Cultural Projects for Development. She has lived and worked in the USA, Senegal, Benin, France, and Sweden.

E-mail: camille.lancelot@ifpa-pso.com
Tel: +46 739 611 565

 Tidiane Diao

Manager Administration and Events

Tidiane works to develop and coordinate IFPA’s member relations, project administration, and event management. This includes supporting our members, developing IFPA’s member base, and arranging internal and external meetings. Tidiane has extensive experience working with international NGOs and civil society organizations. He has developed major patient organizations in Europe and Asia, notably pioneering knowlege transfer programs for different international patient organizations. He is a part of the EULAR Knowlege Transfer Committee and a board member of two of Stockholm's largest organizations. Tidiane studied Social Sciences.

Tel: +46 736 635 251
Janina Kostiukaite

Project Developer

As Project Developer, Janina supports IFPA operations through project development, oversight of the annual World Psoriasis Day campaign, development of internal structures and processes, and sustainability efforts for IFPA's long-term development. Janina is a Master of Global Health, with special training in Medical Peace Work and eHealth. She has interned at the WHO and organized international youth projects in Turkey and Macedonia.

E-mail: janina.kostiukaite@ifpa-pso.com
Tel: +46 736 635 203