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As a corporate actor, you are warmly invited to partner with IFPA in addressing the unmet needs of people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

We see a partnership as mutually beneficial and impactful. That is why our Partner Program provides you with a range of benefits – from increased visibility to becoming an official World Psoriasis Day sponsor. We even offer you the opportunity to define unique projects that are tailored to your priorities.

Read on to find out what partnering with IFPA means in practice.

Why partner with IFPA?

Partnering with IFPA means supporting the international psoriasis community in an authentic way. That’s because we act for the community’s benefit through six clear actions:

  • We empower patient associations in more than 50 countries
  • We raise awareness about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis
  • We improve the living conditions of over 125 million people with psoriasis
  • We put psoriasis on the global agenda
  • We mobilize psoriasis stakeholders through annual events and meetings
  • We collaborate for change with medical societies, academia and the private sector

Not convinced? Read more here about how we strive to positively change the global psoriasis landscape.

What’s in it for us?

As a partner of IFPA, you can enjoy a range of benefits, which are all included in our standard Partner Program:

1. You are recognized as an official partner of World Psoriasis Day

World Psoriasis Day is one of our most visible actions. As a partner, you can use the WPD theme, communication messages, campaign material and logo both internally and externally. You are also welcome to invitation-only WPD meetings, held in conjunction with IFPA member meetings.

2. You get access to more than 50 member associations

We know that connecting with your audiences is valuable to you. That is why we offer our partners the opportunity to network directly with our members: patient associations across six continents. We even organize unique “Meet the Regional Expert” sessions specifically for you.

3. You raise psoriasis on the global and national agenda

We share a common goal: making psoriasis a priority for policy-makers, both globally and nationally. As our partner, you help advance this agenda by supporting IFPA’s advocacy efforts, providing capacity-building to our members and encouraging the implementation of national psoriasis action plans.

4. You can be a key part of the IFPA World Conference

Every third year, we organize the World Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Conference. This is a major forum for influential actors from the fields of rheumatology and dermatology to meet. Our partners get the opportunity to help plan the conference symposia and shape the official exhibition packages.

5. You are more visible to our audiences

We are grateful for the support we get from our partners. So we naturally want to tell our audiences about you! As a partner, you and your logo are given high visibility on our official homepage and in our printed campaign material.

6. You receive the latest IFPA communication updates

If you partner with someone, you naturally want to know how your support is being used. That is why we keep all our partners informed about our activities through newsletters and e-mail alerts. You also gain direct access to the latest statements and policy briefs we publish.

Besides these standard benefits, we also offer you the opportunity to cooperate with us on unique projects – only available to partners:

1. The Global Psoriasis Coalition

IFPA has set up a coalition with the NCD Alliance and stakeholders from medical societies, the private sector and other NGOs. The coalition’s goal is to promote psoriasis on the global NCD policy agenda during 2018-2020. Joining the coalition allows you to provide direct input to the coalition’s standpoints.

2. The World Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis Conference

The tri-annual IFPA World Conference is our flagship event. Included in our Partner Program is the opportunity to help plan the conference’s symposia and exhibition packages. However, partners can even become an official conference sponsor – which takes your conference visibility and engagement to the next level. You can find more information on conference sponsorship here.

3. Strategic partnership projects

We understand that our partners have unique needs and priorities. That is why we are always open to cooperating on individual projects that match your CSR objectives. Our track record is particularly strong in patient education, advocacy and awareness-raising. As a partner, you are welcome to reach out to us – we love new opportunities!

How can we become a partner?

We’re excited you are considering a partnership with IFPA – welcome!

We support ethical, accountable, and transparent collaboration with all our partners. Please read IFPA Code of Practice on Relationships with the Pharmaceutical Industry  to learn more.

Please contact us directly via info@ifpa-pso.com.
We are ready to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the partnership process.

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