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I am very excited to announce that IFPA and the Global Psoriasis Coalition are headed to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe for the 67th WHO Regional Committee for Africa. We are very proud to partner with the WHO Regional Office for Africa (WHO/AFRO) on a Side Event aimed at improving treatment and support for the 125 million living with psoriasis.

IFPA and the Global Psoriasis Coalition are committed to engaging our regional partners in efforts to improve the lives of psoriasis patients worldwide, and we are honored to have their active involvement. It is a reflection of the truly global impact psoriasis has on the world’s population and regional resolve to act.

  • Earlier this year, we co-hosted a Side Event during the World Health Assembly with the Permanent Missions of the Argentine Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Qatar and the Philippines and advocated for psoriasis’s place in the NCD agenda.
  • In Zimbabwe, this partnership with WHO/AFRO will include over 100 ministers of health, senior ministry officials, managers and technical staff as well as important partners like the NCD Alliance.

During our 90-minute event, we will aim to achieve three goals:

1. Raise awareness among AFRO Member States of psoriasis as a serious non-communicable disease and its impact on people’s lives;

2. Provide a forum to share policy best practices that help improve psoriasis patients’ health while generating greater return on investment for health systems; and,

3. Spur dialogue on a multi-stakeholder roadmap which would integrate psoriasis and NCDs prevention and control efforts.

I will also be speaking about the Global Psoriasis Coalition’s ongoing work to promote psoriasis in the NCD agenda. For more information about the event, please visit our website www.ifpa-pso.com and follow us on twitter @PSOcoalition to keep up to date.

Together, we’re all in for 125 million.

Sophie Andersson
Executive Director
IFPA – The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations

The article was originally published on https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ifpa-global-psoriasis-coalition-67th-session-who-africa-andersson on 29 July 2017. 

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