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All of us at IFPA and our member organisations are elated to commemorate a truly global event that sets out to give voice to more than 125 million people living with psoriasis. World Psoriasis Day is a unique event when we all unite and reach out to millions of people from around the world to increase understanding of the disease and ensure that patients have access to appropriate, high-quality diagnosis and treatment. And with this year’s theme ”Psoriasis Inside Out” we are as never tasked to show all aspects of the disease and to give a face to psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. During the weeks leading to the World Psoriasis Day, we as IFPA will run #WPD17 campaign to encourage World Psoriasis Day 2017 related activities both by members and by general public and other interest groups. Our member organisations have planned far-reaching events with psoriasis patients, healthcare professionals and policy-makers ranging from Japan to Dominican Republic to Portugal to Russia.

The campaign is open to everyone and not only to psoriasis patients and their families or friends. We encourage everyone to show solidarity with and support of people with psoriasis during the weeks leading to the World Psoriasis Day.  Some of the many things you can do include:

  • writing a short blog or filming a brief video and posting on your social media profiles using #WPD17, or
  • contacting your local/national legislators to encourage them to initiate implementing the WHO Global Report on Psoriasis’ recommendations and integrate psoriasis and its comorbidities into health policies, or
  • contacting your local/national media and recommending to include World Psoriasis Day into their October issue, or
  • organising a public event in your city or town and informing your community about the disease to combat stigma and discrimination faced by millions of psoriasis patients every day.

If you represent a clinic or hospital, or media, or business, we have developed brief guidelines on how you can support the World Psoriasis Day and the “Psoriasis Inside Out” campaign organised by IFPA.

You can also actively share the posts by IFPA and our member associations. We launched the campaign on 22 September and within three days we reached out to more than 100,000 people and more than 27,000 people viewed our #WPD17 campaign teaser. We will launch our main campaign video featuring psoriasis patients on 29 September – one month ahead of the World Psoriasis Day – and we encourage you all to use this video in reaching out to your friends, families, communities and networks to make the most of this important day for raising awareness and disseminating information and education about psoriasis!

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