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Today, IFPA launches an issue brief on psoriatic arthritis, to raise awareness of the disease and its impact both on individuals and society.

Psoriatic arthritis is the second most common inflammatory joint disease, causes stiffness, swelling and pain in/around the joints and can lead to extensive joint damage and deformation. Nevertheless, many are unaware of the burden of psoriatic arthritis on individuals and society. Many people suffering from psoriatic arthritis are unable to work due to their condition and require frequent expensive treatments. Without urgent action, the burden of psoriatic arthritis will remain high in terms of healthcare costs, lost productivity and inability to participate fully and equally in society.

To help raise awareness and understanding of psoriatic arthritis, IFPA has developed an issue brief on the disease. The publication targets policy-makers, healthcare professionals and the general public.

Entitled “A need for global awareness to lift the burden of psoriatic arthritis on the individual and society,” the issue brief is available for download here.

Calls for action in the issue brief:

  • Recognize that psoriatic arthritis is a serious disabling disease with a major impact on the individual as well as on society
  • Include psoriatic arthritis in health policies and disability forums
  • Support awareness campaigns to educate patients and healthcare professionals about psoriatic arthritis to ensure early diagnosis and effective treatment

Photo: Anne S./Psoriasisförbundet

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