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Leo Pharma World Psoriasis Day Campaign: Get involved!

Do you have a surprising ‘positive’ story about your life with psoriasis? Something that has happened to you as an indirect or direct result of your disease? Would you like to share your story with the psoriasis community?

For example, something that you have achieved or discovered despite of your condition, not because of it? Or a partner or friend who you met as a result of your psoriasis? Or has your disease given you insight into your own personality or qualities that you would not have otherwise discovered? Or have you experienced a simple, everyday victory over your disease?

For World Psoriasis Day this year, ARK Comms is looking to interview people living with psoriasis to help tell personal, everyday stories about living with this condition. ARK Comms is a communications company that is developing a campaign on behalf of the sponsor company LEO Pharma. They plan to develop a central film based on these interviews that will feature such stories to help focus on the unexpected positive that can sometimes come through everyday challenges of living with a chronic skin condition like psoriasis.

The film will feature excerpts of the selected interview audio, but will be anonymised through use of an actor. These videos gives a sense of how such interview audio can be used in diverse ways – that is, the interview provides a hook for the visual on screen:

The detail:

  • Looking for English-speaking interviewees primarily, but if you have a story to tell and are not an English speaker, do let us know
  • Looking for English-speaking interviewees primarily, but if you have a story to tell and are not an English speaker, do let us know
  • Interviews will be up to 1hr long and be recorded for potential use in the film, or as short anonymised written quotes in the communication campaign
  • By responding to be interviewed, you are willing for your email address to be passed onto ARK Comms. You are also willing for your (anonymised) story to be featured in the campaign
  • Interviews are planned for May(/June), depending on your availability

Please we aware:

By providing your story, you confirm that you understand and agree to the following:

  • That participation is entirely voluntary and that you have the right to withdraw from the process at any time and to withhold information as you see fit.
  • That this is sponsored by a pharmaceutical company.
  • That the aim of this interviews is to develop an understanding of your everyday experiences of living with psoriasis and is not in any way promoting a product.
  • The interview will be recorded and used to create a film to raise awareness of the issues of living with psoriasis.
  • Pseudonyms will be used in the film to ensure recordings remain anonymous.
  • During participation in the interview, ARK Comms will collect information about you which may include Personal Information – e.g. contact details such as name, email address and phone number.
  • Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and the results of the interviews only used to develop a public-facing communications campaign to be run in October for World Psoriasis Day. You will not be contacted for any other reason than conducting interviews, & use of your personal information is only for this campaign.

Questions? Email janina.kostiukaite@ifpa-pso.com

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