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October 29th is fast approaching! Our IFPA network has high energy as we plan for our biggest, most united World Psoriasis Day yet. This year’s theme is CONNECTED, and our members are working hard to highlight all of the ways that psoriasis connects us.

As you prepare for World Psoriasis Day, we invite you to join us in our theme. You are welcome to explore a deeper explanation of our “CONNECTED” Theme and to use the Social Media Messages that we have created to go with these pillars.

We are joining our members in a series of worldwide events, as well as online campaigns.Find your local association listed on our Members Page to see what is coming up on your country. To follow IFPA’s campaign and to see a curated collection of member activities, follow IFPA on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Please feel free to use the following images on your own social media!



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