2022 World Psoriasis Day Report South Africa

24 December 2022

By Veronica Mitchell

Report from the South African Psoriasis Association (SAPSA)

Description of Activities

The WPD activities for SAPSA were still very low key in 2022 with the threat of another wave of COVID-19 present and people generally not willing to get too close. The following activities took place:

  • At our large public hospital in Cape Town, Groote Schuur (GSH) we hosted an information table with pamphlets, balloons, sweets and many conversations. A group of patients from the Dermatology ward joined in a participatory action performance holding and reading out aloud signs that gave practical information about psoriasis - see attached video (unfortunately this cannot be shared on social media as consent was not obtained and there are strict rules within public health facilities.
  • SAPSA presented 5 Dermatologists with an Honorary membership digital certificate in recognition of their support to the association over many years.
  • SAPSA was excited to launch the Gauteng branch to offer support to patients in the northern part of the country. A Dermatologist based in Pretoria kindly acted as host and generously distributed product samples that she had collected for us.
  • New roll-up banners were made to use at all future events both in the Western Cape and Gauteng - thanks to IFPA sponsorship and LastMile assisting with the design.
  • A photographic session was held in a beautiful Cape Town park for patient volunteers contributing to the All the Colours We Are Project.

Number of attendees/viewers

At GSH, there were about 100 people stopping by our table to ask about psoriasis including patients and hospital staff.

Our social media presence for WPD 2022 was a disappointment as the person who said she would take over this task has not yet added any content there.

Social media statistics

Our revised website is still under construction therefore new views and news articles have not been measured.

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