APAPSO PERU's activitites for World Psoriasis Day

01 February 2023

By Karina Chavez

Activity 1: Virtual activity: "4th Peruvian Congress of patients with psoriatic disease".

On October 22nd we did the virtual activity: "4th Peruvian Congress of patients with psoriatic disease", in which APAPSO's commitment to work together with patients and doctors to achieve a more inclusive world, with more empathy and understanding towards those of us who live with this disease and in addition, to demand from the health authorities of our country, our right to have a better quality of life.

This event was broadcast live from our Facebook page with more than 1840 video views and in our Youtube channel with more than 110 views.

Social media statistics: 167 likes

Link video: https://fb.watch/hL2i2pTBdS/

Activity 2: Presencial activity: 1st event "Empowering and Visibilizing Patients with Rare, Orphan, Autoimmune and Chronic Diseases: with E for Empowerment and not for Disease"

On October 15th APAPSO PERU participated in this event organized by the collective "Patients Matter".During this activity, APAPSO PERU provided information about the psoriatic disease, gave out free product samples and carried out an activity that allowed patients to put themselves "in the skin" of people living with a chronic disease such as psoriasis. Many of the participants placed stickers simulating psoriasis lesions in visible áreas of their bodies.

The event was attended by more than 300 people.

We made a video summary of the event that obtained more than 344 views on Instagram and 61 on Youtube.

Social media statistics: Our post on Facebook had 90 likes and 48 likes on Instagram.

Link video: https://youtu.be/sMTxeP-GV6w

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