Celebration of World Psoriasis Day 2023 in Greece

08 November 2023

By Tina Koukopoulou

For World Psoriasis Day 2023, Epidermia (Panhellenic Association of Patients with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis) carried out 3 exciting and successful public awareness raising actions in 2 cities (including the capital) and online.

The actions were all aimed at increasing public understanding of psoriasis, de-stigmatizing the condition, and providing sources of information in a friendly, easily understandable manner. In addition, the actions were planned to additional raise the public profile of Epidermia as a welcoming, patient-run association for everyone in Greece with dermatological conditions.

All of the actions included the use of IFPA’s materials about psoriasis and World Psoriasis Day, translated into Greek (all banners, stickers, flyers, flags, etc) in order to connect with the public as effectively as possible.

The 3 actions comprised:

1. 29/10 A public event in the main square of Karditsa (a city in central Greece) in collaboration with Medical Association of Karditsa and with dermatologists in attendance. It involved a colorful, welcoming stand (with banners, t-shirts, informational brochures, stickers and other materials clearly identifying World Psoriasis Day) at which Epidermia staff, volunteers and dermatologists engaged the public in greater understanding of psoriasis – in particular that it is not contagious.

2. 30/10 A public event in the central square of Athens aimed at informing the public about psoriasis, engaging the passers-by in conversations about their knowledge about psoriasis and providing information in a friendly and optimistic manner. In addition, a very short and user-friendly survey was conducted in order to gauge the levels of public awareness, which involved only 4 simple but important questions: 1. ‘Do you know what psoriasis is?’, 2. ‘Is psoriasis contagious?’ 3. ‘Does psoriasis affect only the skin?’, 4. ‘Do you know what GPP is?’. The responses will allow Epidermia to better understand the public’s knowledge of psoriasis and will enable us to plan more precisely future public awareness-raising campaigns and actions.

3. Several posts were shared on Epidermia’s social media channels to share the message of World Psoriasis Day. On Facebook alone, Epidermia has 6.3 thousand followers, many of whom share and re-post important messages.

The three actions and the message of WPD were promoted via the print, broadcast and online media through the creation and dissemination of 2 press releases (one for each of the cities in which the in-person events took place). Furthermore, Epiderma promoted the events on both local and national television, thus reaching the widest possible audience to share WPD’s message with.

Links below demonstrate that Epidermia’s actions were featured in both the mainstream press (the first two links), the specialized health press, aimed at the public (link 3) as well as on a site for medical professionals (link 4). Thus the actions and promotional work reached the public in a variety of ways as well as doctors and other health care professionals.

1. https://www.thessaliatv.gr/videos/34389/enimerotiki-drasi-gia-tin-psoriasi-30-10-23/

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3. https://healthdaily.gr/2023/11/01/o-syllogos-asthenon-epidermia-ston-tileoptiko-stathmo-open/

4. Δράση ενημέρωσης και ευαισθητοποίησης κοινού για την Ψωριασική Νόσο (iatronet.gr)

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