Media Engagment with Psoriasis Drug Access

31 October 2023

By Gary Lai

We met media on 17th Oct to arouse public awarenewss on psoriais. We have patients sharings especially on the drug access. We especially focus on the biologics price is far too high for most patients when the price of same biologics in China is just one third or even one forth of Hong Kong price.


施政報告周三發表 銀屑病友會倡降生物製劑公營治療門檻


銀屑病生物製劑效佳價昂 團體促削用藥門檻 | on.cc東網 | 港澳


銀屑病患苦候求醫 病友會促政府降低生物製劑使用門檻


銀屑病生物製劑價貴礙普及 病友會籲降低用藥門檻 加快公院輪候時間

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