Report WPD 2022 – Acción Psoriasis Spain

11 November 2022

By Acción Psoriasis

On October 29, we celebrated the World Psoriasis Day, one of the most important dates for our association. This day allowed us to put the unobvious needs of psoriatic patients into public view. For Acción Psoriasis, this was the kick off for a month full of events and campaigns in partnership with other companies with an enormous media coverage and important audience reach.

This year, we share the IFPA’s global awareness campaign, adapting their slogan and content to the Spanish language. So, under the slogan “Juntos para la acción”, Acción Psoriasis developed an extensive program of online presentations and podcasts with content made by prestigious health professionals that covered topics like myths and truths of sexuality in psoriasis, benefits of physical exercise in psoriatic arthritis, the importance of food, and the rights of patients in the health environment. In addition, several experts analysed in the podcasts the role of primary medicine, nursing, and hospital and community pharmacy.

The activities program was launched on October 29, and was active until the end of November. This program included specific content for social networks, online live videos of experts, testimonies of patients and shared actions with scientific societies to extend the scope of our claims.

In order to create a space where all our supporters could get all our activities in only one click, we created a specific landing page that can be visited via this link:

Also, the World Psoriasis Day communication campaign included a specific campaign for social media, the sending of a generic newsletter on October 29 and a weekly newsletter with the agenda for the following seven days, as well as interactions with the media.

Another of the milestones that we are really satisfied with – indeed, one that we surpassed – has been the great results in media, where we have achieved a potential audience of more than 8 million people. Our press release had 57 impacts in media; 32 of them in specialized health media and 25 in general media. In addition, this press release was the access lever to a panel discussion on psoriasis organized by a newspaper, a panel discussion on a radio program, a report on the midday news of the local Canarian television and an extensive interview on a local radio station in Barcelona.

As the result of all these communication actions, November was the best month in terms of media appearances of all the year for our association.

In reference to social media, the campaign was active from October 1 until November 30, with posts on all our social profiles:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Instagram.
  • TikTok.
  • LinkedIn.

In addition, Acción Psoriasis created illustrations to be shared on the Twitter accounts of scientific societies to support World Psoriasis Day, amplify our message and get new audiences.

Our objectives for the social media campaign were awareness, sensitization and information.

In accordance with these objectives, the actions on social media were:

  • The creation of a playlist with all the online live presentations and podcasts, available in one click and easily identifiable on our Youtube channel. It includes 10 videos and 2 promotional ads.

This list has more than 13.000 views.

  • Facebook: we published 14 posts with an organic reach of 30.348 impressions.
  • Twitter: 28 tweets with an organic reach of 44.785 impressions.
  • Instagram: 35 publications including posts, reels, Instagram Live and stories with an organic reach of 432.210 impressions.
  • TikTok: we opened this profile for the WPD and published 2 videos with an organic reach of 1.377 views.
  • LinkedIn: we posted the agenda with all the activities of WPD 2022 with an organic reach of 674 impressions.

Acción Psoriasis also collaborated with other companies and organizations to make known the needs of patients with psoriatic disease: with UCB we made an informative campaign in the underground of Barcelona and Madrid; we participated in events like The Psoriasis Revolution, a live event addressed to patients of psoriatic disease; the 6th Conference for patients and relatives with systemic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, organized by the ISADMU of the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona; and at the Corrective Makeup Workshop organised by the Official College of Pharmacists of Alicante aimed at its collegiate pharmacists.

In conclusion, the highlights of WPD 2022 are:

  • Thanks to the coverage of media, the claims of Acción Psoriasis reached an audience of more than 8 million people.
  • We have had over 13.000 views of our videos on Youtube.
  • We have reached an audience of more than 133.000 people on social media.
  • We have opened a new social media account: TikTok.
  • The voice of patients has reached the public to explain their testimonies and raise awareness about their needs.
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