Digital Awareness Raising

20 December 2022

By Veronica Mitchell

The South African Psoriasis Association’s application for the IFPA Solidarity Grant in 2022 aimed to develop resources for the following projects:

  1. Renewal of SAPSA website
  2. Consolidating Rome Naidoo’s input for promoting mental health to be available on YouTube
  3. Pamphlets with QR code links to SAPSA and IFPA’s websites and Facebook pages - in plastic stands to be visible in Dermatology clinicians’ rooms and clinics
  4. Banners to promote dialogue on matters related to psoriasis

These banners were an extra resource that was available due to better prices than expected for the QR resources

Renewal of website

- in progress with Gunduzi Web Solutions

Video by Rome Naidoo

Rome Naidoo:

Printing QR code pamphlets with plastic holders and banners

26th August 2022, National Dermatology Congress, Pretoria

New information sheets in plastic standing frames with QR codes for distribution among clinicians - 75 collected, 25 later distributed

The impact will only become available later as people view the Facebook sites and websites.

New banners

The impact of these banners will be long term as we will be able to display them at all future SAPSA events. SAPSA was grateful to draw on the graphic design created by the Last Mile team for the IFPA Milan meetings.

The banner made in Cape Town went on display at Groote Schuur Hospital on World Psoriasis Day 2022. The one made a month later in Johannesburg was used at the launch of Gauteng SAPSA Support group on Nov 19, 2022

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