World Psoriasis Day 2022 in China

03 March 2023


Information about online general education for psoriasis patients in 2022 and advocacy for the general community level, which includes the following.

1. A PowerPoint presentation summarizing the online general education for psoriasis and AE patients, which is knowns as the "Dandelion Web-based General Education Project". (The PPT is attached)

2. "New Life" health tour in China with offline activities for patients (some of the pictures are also attached).

3. The online movie "Hello, My Silver Lover" aims to popularize knowledge and introduce the love and work of psoriasis patients to the public. (Movie poster is attached. I can also provide a five-minute movie synopsis if needed.)

4. The above is only part of the work we have done for the psoriasis community in China, and we will continue part of it in 2023 to make it a long-term project.

I know that the work and efforts we have done are not enough for the nearly 10 million Chinese psoriasis community. In 2023 and in the future, we will make our due efforts and dedication to this community with more tremendous and more enthusiasm, and we are willing to accomplish these wishes under the guidance of IFPA!

This is our webpage:

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