World Psoriasis Day 2022 in Dominican Republic

27 March 2023

By Steffanie Camilo

On Saturday October 29th was held the world psoriasis day in the auditorium of the metropolitan hospital of Santiago by FUNAPAPSO and adhering to this year’s theme mental health. We had a panel for patients, relatives, caretakers and volunteers.

This panel consisted of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare profesional and each one had a brief presentation about psoriasis and mental health.

  • Dr. Steffanie Camilo - This year’s theme about psoriatic disease and mental health issues - why this is a must topic.
  • Dra. Adderley Tavares - Psoriasis more than skin deep, how to live with a chronic illness and manage my relation with my environment. She is a clinical psychologist focused on the management chronic diseases.
  • Dra. Mariel Nuñez - Why to care about mental health and the most common related psychiatric comorbidities with psoriasis. How to take care of yourself and when to ask for help. She is a psychiatrist.
  • Lic. Miguelina Justo - Psychologist gave a presentation called “give, ask, receive and wait.” Based on a story called “the giving tree by Silverstein shel. Analyzing how toxic behaviors can
  • affect us and our relations.
  • Dra. Rosa Peralta - My relationship with myself and how it affects my sexual life. Tips and tricks on how to have a healthy sexual relationship when my body isn’t looking and feeling the best. She is a psychiatrist and a sexologist focused on the management of body image and understanding how self esteem is related not just in your everyday life and how it can take a huge toll on your sexual life.

Also in the panel we had Dra. Rosa Tertulien who is a dermatologist and also part of FUNAPAPSO, Dra. Solange Reynoso also a dermatologist and a huge collaborator with patients, Dr. Pablo Camilo who is a rheumatologist and a great support for our patients.

We had a great attendance of 136 people on site and also in the live streaming. In our audience we had many other medical specialties interested in the psoriatic disease like gastroenterologists, hematology, surgery, orthopedics and more.

As usual we have a Q&A sessions and experience share as a patient, caregiver, friend and family point of view from our members.

To end the event there was a meet and greet, photobooth, live music and snacks. Also a stand for sign the NOW ACT petition.

We weren’t expecting such an attendance this year due to there was still avoidance of people to visit public spaces due to the pandemic.

After all it was a very successful and beautiful world psoriasis day for Dominican Republic.

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