World Psoriasis Day 2022 in Japan

03 March 2023

By Masanori Okuse

Psoriasis Exhibition 2022 in Tokyo Tower was held on October 29 & 30 as a World Psoriasis Day event. In this event (also from 1 week prior to WPD on social media), vote for burden of psoriatic disease was conducted. Major burdens of psoriatic disease were categorized into 10 items, which were “Pain”, “Itch”, “Medical Expense”, “Anxiety/Depression”, “Bothersome”, “Appearance”, “Personal Relationship”, “Work/School”, “Misunderstanding”, and “Food, Clothing, Shelter”. Approximately 50 people with psoriatic disease participated in the vote. Of those, 31 people voted “Medical Expense” and 23 people voted “Pain” as a burden of psoriatic disease. This result suggests that more realistic problem might be a disease burden. Another WPD campaign was to make dermatologists united. Many dermatologists sent their messages to people with psoriatic disease, which encouraged them so much. You can see the video that shows a warm message from each dermatologist at

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