World Psoriasis Day 2022 in Serbia

03 March 2023

By Pacijenti Protiv Psorijaze 3P

  • We had a media conference. There were 15 different media houses. And we had 29 media appearances.
  • We had support from three state clinics which are VMA, Clinical Center of Serbia, and KBC Zvezdara.
  • Professor Zeljko Mijušković
  • Professor Miroslav Dinic
  • Professor Mirjana Milinkovic-Cvetkovic
  • Doctor Predrag Majcan
  • and 3 patients, association members, Vladimir Kecić, Goran Filipović, and Marko Uzelac.
  • We talked about diferent method of therapy which availability is the main aim of our association.

Read the attached report to learn about our activities for World Psoriasis Day.

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