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“Inside Psoriatic Disease” is a series of reports showcasing the multifaceted nature of psoriatic disease. Significant burden of comorbidities, higher rates of anxiety and depression and ripple effects on work and social life all highlight the need for a model of care that goes beyond mere assessment of skin and joints.

In this first report from “Inside Psoriatic Disease,” we explore the link between psoriatic disease and diabetes. Summarizing current scientific evidence, this report identifies obstacles to holistic care and proposes solutions for prevention and screening of diabetes in people living with psoriatic disease grounded in a model of integrated care services. If you are living with psoriatic disease, check out our list of tips on the prevention and management of diabetes.

The Report

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Your Checklist

Click to access the checklist guiding people with psoriatic disease in the prevention and management of diabetes.

Social Media Toolkit

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