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Theme and Core Communication Messages

Each year, IFPA sets a specific theme for the upcoming World Psoriasis Day. This theme inspires our members’ activities and shines a spotlight on a specific psoriasis-related issue. Several Core Communication Messages accompany the theme to explain its relevance.

The theme for World Psoriasis Day 2017 is “Psoriasis Inside Out” and it is all about showing all aspects of the disease and to give a face to pso/psa and to share stories. For that reason, IFPA and its members in 56 countries are organising awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns to improve access to treatment, increase understanding and build unity among the psoriasis community.

Campaign material

For each World Psoriasis Day edition, we create a package of campaign material to support our members in their activities during October.

The campaign material includes:

  • Communication Kit: artwork, logos and graphic promotion material
  • Media Kit: materials to present to media contacts and the press
  • Global Political Kit: advocacy tips and strategies
  • Awareness Raising Activities: inspiration for possible activities to organise

While the campaign material is intended for members, you’re welcome to contact the IFPA Secretariat if you plan on organising a World Psoriasis Day activity and are looking for promotion material. You may also check our information page for non-members who are interested in making the World Psoriasis Day a success.