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Tomorrow, on December 3, IFPA joins IAPO in celebrating Patient Solidarity Day.

Annually since 2011, IAPO (the International Alliance of Patient Organizations) has organized Patient Solidarity Day. This day offers an opportunity to show love and compassion to patients across the world, who suffer physically or psychologically from a disease. On Patient Solidarity Day, patients everywhere (and their friends and family) unite to campaign for the rights of their fellow patients.

Each year, Patient Solidarity Day carries a specific theme. The 2016 theme is “Leave No-one Behind: Sustainable, patient-centered universal health coverage (UHC) for all by 2030.” The theme’s goal is to ensure that by 2030, everyone in the world will receive the healthcare services they need without financial problems – including health promotion, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. By agreeing to the Sustainable Development Goals (especially SDG 3.8), United Nations member states have officially committed to achieving this goal by 2030.

As a patient-centered organization, IFPA is a staunch supporter of universal health coverage. We believe that all patients – including the 125 million psoriasis patients we represent – have the right to high-quality, affordable, easily accessible healthcare. That is why tomorrow, on December 3, we join IAPO in celebrating Patient Solidarity Day!

Find out more about Patient Solidarity Day through IAPO’s homepage.

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