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Between July 7-9, IFPA attended the 5th Congress of the Psoriasis International Network (PIN) in Paris, France for a LATINAPSO-led Patient Session and long-awaited scientific proof on the nature of psoriasis.

At the congress, IFPA President Lars Ettarp, Executive Director Sophie Andersson and Board member Silvia Fernandez Barrio were joined by approximately 1000 other Congress participants. The IFPA delegation’s main focus was centered on a Patient Session organized by LATINAPSO on July 7. The Session consisted of three presentations: Mrs Fernandez Barrio discussed LATINAPSO’s work; Argentinian dermatologists Dr. Carla Castro and Dr. Gabriel Magariños talked about psoriasis and the need to involve patients in their treatments; and IFPA presented the WHO Resolution and Global Report on Psoriasis.

Another key highlight of the PIN Congress was a presentation by Prof. Jörg Printz (member of IFPA’s Scientific Advisory Board and President of IFPA’s 2009 World Conference), providing full scientific proof for psoriasis being an autoimmune disease. The proof was delivered after 10-15 years of hard scientific work by Prof. Printz and his research team. Both the Congress’ chairs and attending delegates were impressed by the thoroughness of the research and were extremely appreciative of Prof. Printz’ presentation.

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