Start-Up Fund

Supporting the starting of patient organizations

IFPA is the only global organization representing and uniting all people living with psoriatic disease regardless of where they live, what type of psoriatic disease they have, or how it impacts their lives.

The national patient associations that are members of IFPA support the patients in their respective countries, but there are still countries where there doesn't exist a patient association. The Start-up fund has the aim to support individuals or groups who reside in a country where there doesn't exist a patient association, and who has the ability to start one.

For this reason the Start-up funding is connected to specific projects, Start-up projects, with the purpose of starting new patient associations.

Who can apply

If you are an individual - a psoriatic disease advocate or someone who is passionate about supporting psoriatic disease patients, or represent a group who support psoriatic disease patients in your country, you are welcome to apply!

If you are interested in applying, contact IFPA's marketing manager Annika Sjöberg by booking a digital meeting with her.

How a Start-up project is started

During your first meeting you will go through the criteria for a new project to be started. If the right circumstances for starting a new patient association exists IFPA will create a new Start-up project, and invite you (and your group members if you have any) to the digital course/project platform and the project will start.

The Start-up project

The Start-up project is divided in 5 modules. Each module contains different activities and tasks that you will need to finish to proceed in the project. Some of these activities are optional, but many of them need to be completed before you can proceed to the next part.

The first module is about us getting to know each other. You as an applicant will amongst other things supply IFPA with information about you (and your eventual group) together with contact information to people who can vouch for you.

It takes between 12 to 18 months to complete the project, depending on the registration date of the newly started patient organization.

The project ends with Module 5, which contains the application for membership with IFPA.

What is the amount that every project can receive

Each Start-up project will have the opportunity to apply for €1600. This sum will be divided in four payouts of each €400 according to the applications made during the project.

Application is open!

Contact us to start your application process.

Interested in starting a new patient association in your country?

The first step to being one of IFPA's start-ups is to have a short video meeting with IFPA's marketing manager Annika Sjöberg. It's easy to create a meeting by clicking the link below, and book it at a time that's convenient for you.

To be able to attend the meeting you need a computer or a phone with camera and internet connection.

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