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In global advocacy, IFPA works tirelessly to put psoriasis at the top of the international agenda. Today, IFPA’s President Lars Ettarp speaks up about psoriasis in the latest edition of the EU Parliament Magazine.

“With the WHO Resolution and Global Report in hand, we are now better equipped than ever to shine a spotlight on psoriasis,” states Mr. Ettarp in the article. But there is always more to do: “The EU can play a key role in improving the lives of psoriasis sufferers,” he argues.

To find out what concrete steps IFPA is encouraging the Members of the European Parliament to take, click here to read Mr. Ettarp’s article in the Parliament Magazine.

The entire magazine (with this edition’s special focus on health), is also available online – IFPA’s article can be found on page 21.

(The EU’s “Parliament Magazine” is a fortnightly magazine on EU politics, covering European Parliament news, opinion and comment, and the latest developments in EU policy. It features regular guest contributions from European policymakers and prominent leaders in the field of global advocacy.)

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