Because health is a human right

Advocacy toolkit for universal health coverage

12 December 2019


The first High-level meeting on universal health coverage (UHC) was held on 23 September 2019 during the General Assembly of the United Nations, where United Nation’s Member States unanimously approved the political declaration on UHC.

The political declaration on UHC can be used to advocate for psoriatic disease as UHC is a broad concept comprehensive of multiple issues related to psoriatic disease:

  • Noncommunicable diseases
  • Mental health
  • Disabilities
  • Primary care
  • Financial hardship
  • Access to medicines
  • Health workforce

The political declaration on UHC is a precious new tool at our disposal and can be used together with the WHO Resolution on Psoriasis and the WHO Global report on Psoriasis to advocate for improving the lives of people living with psoriatic disease worldwide.

Access the toolkit on psoriatic disease and universal health coverage