Celebrating global collaborative research during the COVID-19 pandemic: PsoProtect and PsoProtectMe

28 October 2021

By PsoProtect & PsoProtectMe

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PsoProtect and PsoProtectMe are global collaborative research efforts involving a large interdisciplinary team of clinicians, academics and patient partners. Our research findings have identified immediate global priorities for the clinical care of individuals with psoriasis, which has potential to mitigate risks of direct and indirect excess morbidity arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

PsoProtect is an international registry for clinicians to report outcomes of COVID-19 in individuals with psoriasis. Since its launch in April 2020, PsoProtect has rapidly improved our understanding of how factors such as systemic immunosuppressant therapies, comorbidities and demographic variables including age, sex and ethnicity affect outcomes of COVID-19 in psoriasis. PsoProtectMe, the aligned patient self-report registry, has helped to characterise the impact of behavioural and environmental changes associated with the pandemic on health outcomes in psoriasis. Click here to access our scientific publications.


Clinicians worldwide are invited to enter data on their patients with COVID-19 and psoriasis using the clinician facing case report form (found here).


Individuals with psoriasis are invited to complete the global PsoProtectMe survey (found here).

For further information please visit PsoProtect and PsoProtectMe websites. Please follow us on social media to help disseminate our research findings on World Psoriasis Day. Thank you for your ongoing support and contribution.