Global Psoriasis Atlas launches Pso Well resources during World Psoriasis Day 2021

29 October 2021


Find out more on the Pso Well Resources visit :

The Global Psoriasis Atlas has been working with Dr. Lis Cordingley, Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Manchester and Swiss4ward to develop the Pso Well resources into a web app ready for access for people living with psoriatic disease across the globe. The resources include information on diagnosis, treatments, and lifestyle and behavior changes.

The Pso Well training materials will focus on how people living with psoriatic disease can better handle well-being. The GPA research team has now developed the resources to bring the value of the Pso Well resources to countries beyond the UK.

Pso Well resources
Source: Graphics by @spokenimage

The ultimate aim will be to make the resources multilingual. The GPA team are also in the process of developing the Pso Well resources into a mobile app. These will be made culturally relevant and appropriate to all regions across the world

The resources section of the GPA website already houses the Simplified Psoriasis Index which is available in English, French, Spanish, and Thai. This tool enables health care professionals and patients to make regular assessments of psoriasis severity and its impact on wellbeing. The SPI is available in two complementary versions, one for use by health care professionals (proSPI) and one for self-assessment by psoriasis patients (saSPI).