IFPA Forum 2023 Briefing Book

24 May 2023


The IFPA Forum in Asia 2023 represents a unique opportunity for the psoriatic disease community to come together and speak up with one voice about the challenges faced in the region.

This briefing book highlights some key issues that need to be addressed to improve the lives of people living with psoriatic disease in Asia. Ensuring access to care, addressing and managing comorbidities, prioritizing mental health care, and combating social and familial impacts of the disease are among our top priorities. We need to work towards early diagnosis, comprehensive treatment options, people-centered care, and mental health support to help those affected lead fulfilling lives.

By improving awareness and education about psoriatic disease, we can combat discrimination, stigma, shaming, and bullying that often affects people with this condition. This can only be achieved by collaborating with stakeholders from across the region and speaking up as one voice.

This briefing book is produced by IFPA and PsorAsia.