IFPA Forum Roadmap: Europe

12 December 2022


In September 2022, stakeholders gathered in Milan, Italy, for the first ever IFPA Forum on psoriatic disease. The Forum brought together stakeholders from the psoriatic community to promote regional action. The focus was on Europe, but global representation gave the Forum an international perspective. Psoriatic associations, thought leaders, people living with psoriatic disease, civil society representatives, medical professionals and private sector representatives collaborated to find ways to overcome gaps, and discussed the need for new ways of working together.

A united effort is needed to elevate psoriatic disease on national health agendas and realize a collective vision of life free from needless suffering and stigma for all people affected by psoriatic disease. IFPA Forum has set the course, and it is now up to patient associations, other stakeholders involved in the cause and people living with psoriatic disease, in every country, to implement the roadmap. The roadmap should be adapted to the national context in order to achieve our ultimate vision for all people living with psoriatic disease to enjoy good health and well-being, free from stigma and preventable disability and comorbidities.

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