IFPA Member Survey 2021

01 July 2021


IFPA’s Member Surveys are conducted to gain a better understanding of member priorities, areas that may need further support from IFPA and overall satisfaction with the IFPA membership. The responses collected through this survey will be used for planning future activities and programs for members.

IFPA would like to extend a sincere thank you to all members that have responded to the survey. The information we have received helps us better understand member needs and continue building IFPA as an organization.

Value of IFPA Membership

As a federation made up of membership associations, it is important for IFPA to continually gauge the level of satisfaction member associations feel with their membership. Each annual member survey therefore includes questions on how members value their membership, as well as questions on what they appreciate and what they do not currently appreciate about IFPA’s work. In IFPA’s global strategy, ’Strengthen member capacity’ is one of our five main goals. Member satisfaction is crucial to IFPA and by 2024 we set out to have a satisfaction rate of 4+ out of 5.

Members were asked to rate the value of IFPA Membership on the scale Poor, Average, Very good, Excellent, and Undecided. A vast majority of respondents rated their IFPA Membership as either Very good (58%) or Excellent (29%).

Reasons for being a member

Members were asked what their main reasons for being IFPA Members are, their responses are illustrated in the graph below. The two most common responses were ‘To support global advocacy efforts’ and ‘World Psoriasis Day campaigns’, followed by ‘To connect with other IFPA Members’