Introducing new staff to the IFPA Secretariat

01 January 2019


“Culture does not change because we desire to change it. Culture changes when the organization is transformed - the culture reflects the realities of people working together every day”


This fitting quote represents a very exciting organizational transformation journey for IFPA and its staff members. As you all know, in addition to the amazingly capable Patrik Vuorio (Executive Director) and Maxine Lancelot (Scientific Officer), we have recently welcomed four new team members to the IFPA Secretariat.

Elisa Martini Program Officer - Advocacy and Policy is developing the Advocacy Map to plan our main areas of work according to recommendations included in the WHO Global Report on Psoriasis. She will also be responsible for documenting the projects that are part of these areas.

Alice Titialii Program Officer - Capacity Development is currently launching IFPA’s new Working Groups and Webinars so we can all connect, work more effectively and of course achieve greater results. These two initiatives are a part of the larger Capacity Development Program that Alice is creating for all of our members.

To publicize these achievements, Camille Lancelot joined the team as Communications Manager. She is currently developing IFPA’s social media strategy, and creating materials like this newsletter to better communicate with our IFPA community at every level.

Finally, one more person joining this hard-working team in the role of Project Developer is Janina Kostiukaite. Janina will be the Secretariat project lead for World Psoriasis Day and will contribute to process development, documentation, and projects within the Secretariat and other IFPA structures.

The overall focus of our team is to have a high-performing, sustainable
organization designed for a long-term success. You are very welcome to take an active part in this transformational path by attending monthly Webinars and joining us in the Working Groups.

We are all very much looking forward to working with you. Remember,
we create change together!