Psoriasis & Beyond

22 October 2021




were aware of the connection between psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Psoriasis & Beyond

Every year on World Psoriasis Day, the globe unites to raise awareness and call for progress. Deepening one’s knowledge of psoriatic disease is one of the most powerful ways to take action. This year, we look to a study called Psoriasis & Beyond for the latest information.

While many may be aware of the visible impact of psoriasis on the skin’s surface, there is much more to this disease than meets the eye. Psoriasis & Beyond is a global study that looks past the surface to explore the broader impacts of psoriatic disease.

For people living with the condition, a layered understanding is critical to achieving good health. For example, out of 4978 people with psoriatic disease surveyed, only 29% were aware of the connection between psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. What’s more, over 80% were unaware that having psoriatic disease increased their risk of developing other conditions like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. By becoming more aware of the layered impact of psoriatic disease, people living with it will be better equipped to navigate their health systems, accessing the specialists they need and getting early screenings to maintain good health.



unaware of increased risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes


felt stigmatized by others

For allies, Psoriasis & Beyond also offers crucial findings. 82% of respondents felt stigmatized by others. The majority said that their skin was affected in sensitive places such as the face, scalp, nails, palms, or genitals. 59% were not able to discuss treatment goals with their health care provider. The impact of psoriatic disease goes beyond even physical symptoms, taking a toll on relationships and quality of life. Better understanding of these layered effects will help health care providers, policymakers, friends and family improve their response to psoriatic disease.

This year for World Psoriasis Day become better informed about psoriatic disease beyond its visible symptoms. Visit Psoriasis & Beyond today to learn more.