December 11th

Skin & Digital Summit: Coming soon!

02 November 2021


Coming December 11th

At present, there is no common forum to capture the broad context of “Skin and Digital” and what it means to patients and consumers. The vision of the “Skin & Digital Summit” is to facilitate and create a comprehensive discussion about what digital technology can bring to the skin business at large.

IFPA is pleased to sponsor this event to promote tech in dermatology. IFPA will be speaking at the Summit on the topic of Patient Perspectives:

  • What should be the patients’ benefits of digital technology?
  • Telemedicine for psoriatic disease care – a report from IFPA
  • The challenges of social media for the aesthetic practitioner

Participate in the Skin & Digital Summit. To browse the program and register to that event kindly use the link below then click “REGISTER NOW” (upper left part of website)

Registration is free! Click to register.

PROGRAM – Live on the web and in 4 parts

  1. Tech and the Dermatologist’s point of view
  2. Patient perspectives (with IFPA)
  3. Industry corner
  4. Innovation initiatives


Saturday, December, 11th 2021 at

  • 3pm, Paris time
  • 9am, New York time
  • 9pm, Beijing time

Share the information with doctors and others who may be interested! We look forward to seeing you at the summit.

Skin & Digital