The Global Psoriasis Atlas

01 January 2019


Global Psoriasis Atlas Map

2019 is set to be a big year for one of IFPA’s projects: the Global Psoriasis Atlas (often abbreviated to the GPA or sometimes called “the Atlas”). The GPA will be an online resource which will provide validated statistics about psoriasis from around the globe. The mission of the GPA is to provide a common benchmark on the complete burden of psoriasis in all countries and regions of the world. This will allow us to compare how many people have or get psoriasis by country or region and will provide all of us with valuable information for our advocacy efforts.

In 2014, IFPA teamed up with the International Psoriasis Council and the International League of Dermatological Societies to create the GPA. To achieve its mission, the GPA is tasked with identifying existing data in publications and registries around the world and with commissioning new studies in areas where there is no existing data. The GPA will then be updated with newer and better information in multiple editions. The first edition will focus mostly on prevalence and incidence, and future editions will likely expand to include information about comorbidities, the costs of psoriasis, and other topics of interest.

The GPA team have made incredible progress over the past two years and have now partnered with a digital agency called e3creative to create an interactive and accessible website where the data will be presented. An early version of the first edition will become available very soon, and we will keep you updated of developments. We also encourage you to follow the GPA on Twitter or visit their website to learn more. Other established disease atlases (for example the Diabetes Atlas) have sparked real change by allowing advocates to leverage accurate and updated information in spreading their message to the public and to decision-makers. It is up to IFPA and you as members to use the data that comes out of the Atlas to show the impact and spread of psoriasis around the world.