Integrating psoriatic disease into the response to COVID-19

”Together we will overcome”: advocacy toolkit for psoriatic disease during COVID-19

12 June 2020


IFPA is pleased to present our toolkit for psoriasis advocacy during COVID-19.

The International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) welcomes the Resolution on COVID-19 Response adopted at the 73rd World Health Assembly, joins the World Health Organization (WHO) and its Member States in expressing appreciation for health care professionals for their work during the COVID-19 health emergency, and manifests its support towards WHO.

The current pandemic impacts the lives of people living with non-communicable diseases, including those living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Therefore, to assist advocates in integrating psoriasis into national conversations on COVID-19, IFPA has compiled this advocacy toolkit linking the recently approved Resolution on COVID-19 response and psoriasis.

The goal of our community during the current pandemic is for governments to ensure:

  • the continuity of care and access to treatment for those living with NCDs, including people living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis;
  • the protection of vulnerable populations, including those suffering from disabilities due to psoriatic arthritis;
  • the access to and further strengthening of mental health services.

To learn more about using the WHO resolution on COVID-19 to advocate for people with psoriasis, explore our COVID-19 advocacy toolkit: Together We Will Overcome.