World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2017

29 October 2017


The World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2017 was the first report to highlight the psoriasis happiness gap that people living with this disease experience. Analysing over 120,000 surveys, the report shed light on what impact the subjective well-being of people living with psoriasis and the priority areas.

Some of the key insights in the report include:

  • Highlighting the gender disparity of psoriasis – while both men and women are affected by psoriasis physically, emotionally and psychologically, the impact of women if greater. Women also reported higher levels of stress and loneliness than men.
  • Stress is the best psychological predictor of poor well-being: it affects people living with psoriasis regardless of demographics, socioeconomic status and disease severity. The second strongest predictor of unhappiness was loneliness
  • Countries vary in the level of well-being inequality due to psoriasis. Compared to national averages, people living with severe psoriasis are subject to happiness gaps, from 7.3 % less happy in Portugal to 37.4% less happy in Australia.

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