World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2018

29 October 2018


The World Psoriasis Happiness Report 2018 continued to explore the impact that living with psoriasis has on well-being and happiness, focusing especially on the impact and quality of social relationships for people living with psoriasis, as well as the role and role of the healthcare systems in managing not only physical, but also mental well-being.

Moreover, the report highlights the huge cost psoriasis has on the economy and how investing resources in happiness for people living with psoriasis holds the potential to greatly improve general well-being for individuals and maximize economic output for societies.

Of all comorbidities surveyed, the presence of depression was one the greatest cause of unhappiness and it correlates with wider happiness gaps and higher levels of stress, which highlights the importance of including mental health and mental well-being in the way healthcare professionals engage psoriasis patients and understand the impact psoriasis has on their overall well-being, including social and mental well-being.

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