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The psoriasis-related discrimination case (filed in August 2010) of Rev. Magnolia Mendoza versus the airline Cebu Pacific has been decided in favour of the plaintiff.

In March 2010,  Rev. Mendoza (a citizen of The Philippines) was denied boarding on a Cebu Pacific flight. The airline cited her medical condition psoriasis as the reason behind the ban. Check-in personnel requested a medical certificate during the incident. Rev. Mendoza did not have such a certificate in her possession at the time – in full accordance to the airline’s own manual, which does not require any documentation for psoriasis.

IFPA, along with a number of patient associations from all over the world, issued protest statements and sent letters during the process, to support Rev. Mendoza durin the case. We strongly object to any form of discrimination, especially against persons suffering from psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis or other non-communicable diseases.

We thus en

Read IFPA’s statement regarding the case of Rev. Magnolia Mendoza vs arline Cebu Pacific Inc here.

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