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World Psoriasis Day is coming up – and IFPA wants to celebrate this by launching a global Thunderclap Campaign!

To join our campaign, click here.

What is this?
A Thunderclap campaign is like an online flashmob: you can sign up to the campaign online, and let Thunderclap post a mesage on your social media account on the morning of October 29. By posting at the same time all over the world, we can speak up with one voice on World Psoriasis Day! If you get your friends, colleagues, family members, classmates and neighbours to join the campaign, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people – resulting in maximum impact.

Why would I join?

By signing up to the Thunderclap campaign, you can show your support for 125 million people living with psoriasis across the world. You also help make World Psoriasis Day a big success, because the Thunderclap message you will share, includes the link to IFPA’s World Psoriasis Day campaign film.

How many people need to join?

To let the campaign take place, at least 500 people need to join before October 29! This is an ambitious goal, but we believe the psoriasis community is strong enough to make this happen.

How can I join your Thunderclap campaign?

It’s easy! Simply go to this website, and then choose to Sign Up with Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. That’s all you need to do: Thunderclap will take care of the rest.

Thank you for your support of our World Psoriasis Day Thunderclap campaign!

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