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The toolkit for World Psoriasis Day 2021 is now available for download!

This year’s toolkit comes in three editions for three different audiences as IFPA continues its efforts to make World Psoriasis Day available to all.

Are you living with psoriatic disease? Are you a friend or family member? The World Psoriasis Day Toolkit for Individuals is for you!

Stay tuned for translated toolkits!

IFPA Members, you are the heart of our community. As expert advocates you represent every demographic impacted by psoriatic disease. IFPA has created a World Psoriasis Day toolkit just for you!

World Psoriasis Day wouldn’t be possible without the support of IFPA’s corporate partners. We look forward to lifting up your important projects to support people living with psoriatic disease!

The theme of World Psoriasis Day 2021 is “United.” Leading up to October 29th, we UNITE to spread awareness of psoriatic disease, celebrate victories in combatting the disease, and demand further action. The official World Psoriasis Day website will be launched after the summer. We look forward to a powerful campaign!

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