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Since the first World Psoriasis Day, we have won many great victories for our psoriatic disease community. Still, people with psoriatic disease continue to face many unmet needs. United, we seize the opportunity of World Psoriasis Day to take action.

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About the campaign

IFPA presents World Psoriasis Day. Each year, the global community unites to raise awareness and call for action in support of people with living with psoriatic disease. World Psoriasis Day has been celebrated on October 29th for more than a decade. Today, World Psoriasis Day is observed in over 50 countries.

Unload Psoriatic Disease

Mental health is increasingly being recognized as a significant part of living with psoriatic disease. Indeed, a quarter of people living with psoriatic disease exhibit signs of depression, and as many as 48% have anxiety disorders. This is both a physical symptom of the inflammation that causes psoriatic disease, and a result of the day-to-day difficulties of living with the disease.

For World Psoriasis Day 2022, we are unloading psoriatic disease. By unpacking the causes of mental health complications, we can start to find solutions. No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Whether you choose to ease your own burden, help a friend, or even advocate for everyone in your country, you can take steps today to improve wellbeing for someone living with psoriatic disease.

Learn more in IFPA's report Inside Psoriatic Disease: Mental Health

How to get involved

Share your story

Record a video message, write a post or simply start a conversation about the burden of psoriatic disease with your family, friends or colleagues. Use #worldpsoriasisday, and your post will show up in the social media stream on this website!

Advocate for better care

Contact policy makers in your country and empower them to implement the recommendations outlined in the WHO Resolution on Psoriasis. Insist on national guidelines, action plans, and devoted resources to support better care for people living with psoriatic disease. Sign the World Psoriasis Day Petition!

Be Informed

Take this World Psoriasis Day as an opportunity to find out more about psoriatic disease. Learn about psoriatic disease.

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Every World Psoriasis Day we:

Raise awareness

United, we raise the profile of psoriatic disease and increase awareness of the effect it has on an individuals life

Drive political action

United, we empower governments to step up their efforts to provide better access to appropriate and affordable treatment

Spread information

For many, psoriasis is still a relatively unknown disease. United, we dispel common myths and answer questions.

Speak up as a strong psoriatic disease community

United, stunning progress can be achieved.

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