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A day after the GA, IFPA members attended the World Psoriasis Day Supporters Training Meeting in Lisbon, with workshops focusing on WPD 2016, national advocacy and further IFPA activity updates.

After a brief report on WPD 2015, IFPA members were treated to the official film premiere of the WPD 2016 animated campaign film – for more info, scroll down in this newsletter! IFPA’s Corporate Sponsors were then available for an on-the-spot Q&A session. AbbVie (Gold level) and LEO Pharma, Celgene and Eli Lily (Silver level) responded to members’ questions on setting up a psoriasis fund for cash-strapped regions, granting African patients more attention and cooperating rather than competing within the pharmaceutical world.

Next up was the Workshop: Advocacy Toolkit Part 2 by Last Mile, which zoomed in on national implementation of the WHO resolution on psoriasis. Members brainstormed in small groups to come up with national advocacy plans for example countries South Africa, Belgium, Vietnam, Kenya and Greece.

The WPD Supporters Training Meeting then drew to a close with a Symposium by Josef de Guzman on the link between psoriasis, human rights and disabilities. Study upon study reveal how the burden of psoriasis stretches from physical ailments to social discrimination, emotional/mental stress and the occurrence of psoriatic arthritis. Josef thus presented a rousing call for global respect of the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities – including in the context of psoriasis!

Photo: David Trigos Herraez

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