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IFPA unites psoriatic disease associations worldwide. We are the only global organization representing and uniting all people living with psoriatic disease – regardless of where you live, what type of psoriatic disease you have, or how it impacts your life.

Who can become a member?

You can become a member of IFPA if you fulfill these criteria:

  • You are legally recognized as a non-profit organization in your country, state, region, county and/or city
  • You submit proof of this non-profit status to us
  • You send an English-language version of the bylaws governing your association to us
  • You are recognized as a membership organization in your country
  • You are free from commercial merchandising activities
  • You are able to pay your yearly membership fee
  • Your association can obtain information about psoriatic disease research conducted in your country, and is willing to share this with other member
  • Your association is willing to share knowledge and experience
  • You have a representative from your association, that can:
    • communicate in English
    • attend annual IFPA meetings

Membership fee

IFPA works to ensure global representation. We keep our membership fees democratic.
Your annual membership fee is based on the number of members in your association:

Benefits of membership

As an IFPA Member you are part of a global network and get access to member exclusive materials and resources.

Each year we invite our entire member community to an annual meeting, where psoriatic disease associations from all over the world come together to network and exchange ideas.

As a member you can apply for grants from our Solidary fund, to carry out your activities and projects

The number of members in your association decides the fee

less than 100 members 25 US$ 15000-19999 members 1000 US$
101-250 members 50 US$ 20000-24999 members 1200 US$
251-500 members 100 US$ 25000-29999 members 1400 US$
501-999 members 200 US$ 30000-34999 members 1600 US$
1000-4999 members 300 US$ 35000-39999 members 2000 US$
5000-9999 members 500 US$ More than 40000 members 2500 US$
10000-14999 members 700 US$
  • At each annual meeting we take a special time to talk with friends and from that conversation we get new ideas to apply. Since IFPA was created, we have strengthened ties of friendship with member countries and we keep in touch.

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Join our fight against Psoriatic Disease. It is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Fill out our application form
  2. Check out the IFPA Code of Practice on Relationships with the Pharmaceutical Industry and sign a Declaration of Adherence.
  3. Email the required documents to us at the IFPA Secretariat at

Required application documentation (copies in English)

  • Application Form
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Sample copy of newsletter and educational booklets (if applicable)
  • Latest fiscal year financial statement
  • Signed declaration of adherence to IFPA Code of Practice on Relationships with the Pharmaceutical Industry