All the Colors We Are

Raising awareness of diverse bodies with psoriatic disease

There is a serious diagnosis gap in skin diseases. For too long, training materials have centered European images, shaping physician's understanding of psoriasis and related illnesses. People with non-white skin have more difficulty receiving a correct diagnosis. As a consequence, their treatment is delayed, often causing further health complications.

It's time to break these obstacles. As the global organization representing all people with psoriatic disease, no matter where they come from or what kind of psoriatic disease they have, inclusivity is at the heart of IFPA's work. All the Colors We Are is an initiative to call attention to psoriatic disease and the way it presents on diverse bodies.

Photo Library

This image gallery features images of psoriatic disease from around the world in real-life contexts. Join us to promote inclusion in your educational brochures and training materials. All images are available for free download.

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IFPA recognizes the bold individuals who have contributed their powerful images to this library. Thanks to you, we are raising awareness of the true diversity of psoriatic disease.

You are invited to credit IFPA when you use these images.

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What is the next step?

Inclusive imagery is a first step, but there is still more to be done before we achieve full equality for everyone living with psoraitic disease.

IFPA calls global medical societies to improve psoriatic disease education in dermatology. Physicians must be able to recognize psoriatic disease on every skin tone.

IFPA calls national health ministries to invest in psoriatic disease treatment. There are millions of people living with this chronic illness in every part of the world. Good treatment exists, and must be accessible to all.

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