Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness

Measurement and Treatment Targets

Recent progress in understanding the course of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) has lead to breakthroughs in therapies. Yet the needs of many people living with PsA are still unmet. Through this project, IFPA aims to join forces with rheumatologists and the patient community to raise awareness of new treatment guidelines, and ultimately improve quality of life for people with PsA around the world.

Coming Soon! Web Education materials advocating for treat to target strategy

Have you heard about the updated treatment recommendations for psoriatic arthritis?

The new GRAPPA guidelines (2022) assign equal importance to each clinical symptom (also called domains) and comorbidities.

What do the current GRAPPA recommendations advocate for?

Why is this important?

  • The current treatment guidelines take into consideration previous therapies, and associated comorbities that impact the quality of life to support therapy decision-making.
  • IFPA is looking to co-create educational materials based on the latest evidence that is useful to people living with PsA theire care-givers and Health Care providers.
  • The project team welcomes you to participate in a webinar to mark the materials launch.

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How to participate and join the team!

  • Reach out to IFPA to register to be a part of this exciting group.
  • Join us to explore how the latest recommendation can be useful for people living with Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Engaged in discussions on what materials we can co-create to raise awareness

Register your interest and be part the team at:

Speak Up!

While the primary target audience of a treatment guideline is clinicians, IFPA is empowering the patient community and people living with Psoriatic Disease to kickstart the conversation on the guidelines with their healthcare provider. It is noted that many clinicians and experts around the globe may not be aware of the latest evidence-based treatment guidelines. Through this project we aim to bring together both physicians and patient experts to ensure joint decision-making to improve quality of life.

Meet the Team of Advocates, Ambassadors and Patient Experts

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