Psoriatic Disease Response Index

Tracking global preparedness

The Psoriatic Disease Response Index enables a policy conversation, educating policymakers, health system leaders, and other relevant stakeholders about the complex impacts of psoriatic disease and the benefits of a stronger health system response. Psoriatic disease is recognized by the World Health Organization as a serious noncommunicable disease. Governments must deliver on the WHO recommendations to ensure proper care.

The Psoriatic Disease Response Index is an advocacy tool to shape national and global policy for psoriatic disease.


A practical, evidence-based tool to connect global and local advocacy towards improving psoriatic disease management

The Psoriatic Disease Response Index defines criteria to measure national health systems’ psoriatic disease efforts, assesses the performance and of select health systems, and outlines key recommendations for improvement. As psoriatic disease constitutes a complex and burdensome health condition, access to treatment and care can be seen as indicators for the overall well-being of a healthcare system as patients with complex chronic conditions such as psoriatic disease must navigate challenging environments.

This first edition clarifies the barriers to and enablers of healthcare system responsiveness and, from those learnings, identifies opportunities to adopt supportive approaches across the diverse needs of people living with psoriatic disease. Five umbrella categories of indicators were identified, covering a broad range of issues related to living with psoriatic disease and to health systems management of psoriatic disease. Through interviews with subject matter experts as well as research into evidence-based data sources, the Psoriatic Disease Response Index describes the landscape of psoriatic disease management in five European countries, and provides recommendations to improve care at the national and global level.

5 categories of indicators:

Public awareness

Provider awareness

Patient engagement

Health systems

Enabling environment

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